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Grease Monkey Indica Hybrid

Grease Monkey Indica Hybrid


By mating the GG4 and Cookies and Cream strains, Exotic Genetix created this hybrid with an indica predominance. The combination that results has both mental and physical effects. Due to its capacity to deliver a well-balanced high appropriate for every situation, it has become a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts.

The legendary GG4, sometimes referred to as Original Glue or Gorilla Glue #4, is the ancestor of the Grease Monkey strain. This intense hybrid has become one of the most well-known strains in the entire globe since Josey Wales and Lone Watie of GG Strains developed it.

The other parent strain is Cookies and Cream, a hybrid created by crossing Starfighter F2 with a top-notch OG Kush cut. The Grease Monkey strain's distinctive flavour profile, which contains notes of chocolate, coffee, and diesel fuel, is due to this rare genetic mix.

Effects of the Strain

Customers can expect a widespread and quick sense of calm regarding the advantages of this powerful combination. Customers experience a fantastic cerebral high along with this impact, which makes them happy.

The flavour profile of this strong flower is sweet, creamy coffee and chocolate, and its THC content ranges from 24 to 28%.

The Grease Monkey strain will provide a peaceful, enjoyable state without couch lock or excessive fatigue, regardless of how you consume it. This plant is renowned for boosting creativity, making it perfect for creative projects like writing and drawing. Additionally, some users who used this strain in large doses reported experiencing mild hallucinations. 

Using Grease Monkey is good for

Ideal selection for those looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that promotes appetite and relaxation. This plant is well known for its ability to induce sleep and relaxation, making it ideal for use before bed or during prolonged solitude.

Only a select few strains can rival indica-dominant hybrids in terms of their ability to stimulate appetite and relaxation. This strain is recognized for making consumers feel relaxed and sleepy. These characteristics make these buds the best choice for use before bed or when you need to relax. This strain is also believed to be highly efficient at increasing appetite, making it a well-liked substitute for people looking for a cure for the munchies. 

It can be helpful whether you have insomnia or are just looking for a way to relax after a busy day. It is well recognized for its capacity to increase appetite in addition to its capacity to induce sleep. If you have nausea or lack appetite due to a medical condition like cancer or HIV/AIDS, this strain may be your best friend.

Your quest is done if you're looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that can calm you down and satisfy your appetite at the same time. The ability of monkeys to reduce hunger has also helped treat eating disorders like anorexia nervosa. Whatever your reason for increasing your appetite, this concoction will have you drooling in no time. Buy in Thailand and have it delivered. You can buy

Flavours When Smoked

The aroma is equally alluring, with notes of diesel and a strong overtone of chocolate fudge and coffee. Grease Monkey flowers have tiny, frosty white trichomes covering olive green buds with dark amber hairs.

As each nugget is separated, aromas of chocolate fudge, diesel, and roasted coffee are released. Long after you quit smoking, smells of roasted coffee beans and rich chocolate fudge remain on your tongue.

A tune that's perfect for resting and unwinding after a long day. Each hit is finished with a strong, grittier diesel flavour. This firm mixture creates a strain with a diesel flavour that promotes relaxation and bliss. 

Fans of dank strains will be impressed by the robust flavours. The high myrcene concentration is what gives the food its fiery flavour. This terpene brings on the skunky, musky aroma of the strain. You'll taste a strong diesel flavour on the inhale, rapidly giving way to a softer, earthier flavour on the exhale.

These results are not unexpected, given that two strains known for their skunky aromas share a common ancestor. Each hit has a strong and intense finish because of the skunk flavour, particularly noticeable on the exhale. A joy to smoke, the strain's skunkiness is balanced by its sweet cookie dough aromas.

Side Effects That May Happen

Users should be informed of this intense strain's possible adverse side effects before using it.

First and foremost, it is powerful, increasing the risk of paranoia or anxiety if used excessively. This is particularly true for new or inexperienced users who might not correctly utilize such a potent strain. If you choose to take it, begin with a low dose and gradually increase it until you reach the correct dosage for your tolerance.

It may also result in dry mouth and eyes. When using this cannabis strain, as with most others, it's essential to stay hydrated by getting enough water each day. Additionally, utilize eye drops to relieve pain if your eyes feel dry or inflamed.

Like other cannabis strains, consuming too much of one can result in moderate side effects such as headaches or lightheadedness. If you have these sensations, find a quiet place to lie down and unwind until they pass.

When attempting a new strain, remember that it is always advisable to err on the side of caution, so go gently and pay attention to your body; it will let you know what it can handle.

Grease Monkey Can Help With

This strain is fantastic for relieving stress, anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness because of its incredibly calming properties. Anyone who needs to unwind after a long day or week will appreciate the mental tranquillity offered by Grease Monkey. Physical relaxation can also help with chronic pain by easing muscle tension and spasms. Because of its overwhelming effects, Grease Monkey is not suggested for beginners. However, the flavour and intensity of this strain will appeal to experienced marijuana users.

Smell of Buds

The smell of Grease Monkey is what first draws attention to it. The aroma has hints of citrus and is sweet and earthy. Although not unpleasant, the smell is quite strong. This content could be better! If you want to use cannabis covertly, this is not the strain for you.

The flavour of diesel may offend some people, but I like it. Both the aroma and the flavour are strong. This flavour has undertones of lemon and diesel fuel and is earthy and sweet. Lemon provides a tart flavour that perfectly contrasts the sweetness. The majority of the effects are comparable to an indica-dominant hybrid.

It causes a potent physical high that makes you feel cosy and couch-locked. Although the strain's effects on the mind are less obvious, exhilaration and a general sensation of well-being are undeniably present. It is a pleasant experience that leaves me content and at ease but not exhausted or confused.

Terpenes Content

This hybrid, predominately of Indica terpenes, contains myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. The most prevalent terpene, myrcene, is in charge of giving the strain its powerful, earthy aroma. Additionally present in high percentages are limonene and beta-caryophyllene, which add citrus and peppery characteristics to the strain's flavour profile.

Grease Monkey is an intense strain with quick-acting and long-lasting effects because of its high myrcene content. Ideal for reducing tension, anxiety, and inflammation. Additionally, it can aid in sharpening focus and concentration. Tastes and aromas that are earthy with citrus, pine, spice, and musk notes; complex and well-balanced. Cannabis connoisseurs love it because of its unique flavour combination.

Features of Growing It By Yourself

Grease Monkey is not the most accessible strain to grow indoors, but it is doable with the proper care and consideration. As opposed to most other cannabis strains, this one prefers a slightly warmer atmosphere, so make sure your grow space is adequately heated. Grease Monkey plants can also become enormous, so be prepared to give them lots of room to flourish.

It has excellent indoor growth and high production potential. It produces 600 grams per square meter under ideal indoor growing conditions.

The Grease Monkey strain, despite its name, grows tall, resinous plants with long branches coated in sticky buds. In contrast to outdoor plants, typically ready for harvest in early October, indoor cannabis plants blossom in 9 to 10 weeks. Due to its simplicity of growing and superior output potential, this versatile hybrid has quickly become popular among growers.