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Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid
Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid

Wedding Glue Indica Hybrid


The most well-known cannabis strains in the world, Wedding Cake and Gorilla Glue, were crossed to create the hybrid variety known as Wedding Glue. This uncommon combination has created a highly sought-after song with a great flavor profile and effects sure to please even the most discerning customer.

Farmers in California, USA, developed the Wedding Glue variety, which first appeared in 2018. Since then, it has become one of the strains consumers most frequently seek out because of its strong effects and sweet flavor profile. With THC levels ranging from 18 to 26%, this strain can be overpowering for people who aren't used to more vital cannabis products.


This hybrid, with most indica, has recently grown in favor because of its unique qualities. Because it makes users feel comfortable, hungry and aroused, this marijuana strain stands apart from other marijuana strains.

Cannabis of the Wedding Glue variety is known for its calming effects, which are recognized for bringing consumers a sense of tranquility. Many people feel content and at peace after consuming this intense hybrid strain. This can be attributed to the genetic cross between Indica, and Sativa found in the Wedding Glue strain. Due to the potent hybrid's high THC concentration, the body feels profoundly relaxed, which reduces stress, anxiety, and tension. People trying to relieve chronic pain or insomnia may find this strain beneficial.

For persons who have decreased appetites owing to medical conditions or who don't get enough nutrients in their diet, wedding glue cannabis may be the solution. The fact that this powerful combo has been known to prompt severe hunger sensations minutes after ingestion makes it ideal for persons with common appetite issues or those who want an extra push before going out to supper!

According to many users, aromatic terpenes like caryophyllene make food flavors and fragrances. Considerably more noticeable and delightful than before by enhancing taste bud sensitivity and salivation.

What to do when you're under the influence of it?

After the effects wear off, you feel peaceful but energized, relaxed, hungry, and aroused. Whether you want to relax or unwind, the following activities are perfect for enjoying the Wedding Glue:

A hot bath is one of the finest relaxation methods after consuming Wedding Glue. By incorporating essential oils like lavender or chamomile, its relaxing impact on the body can be improved. You can also include scented candles and Epsom salt for ambiance and health advantages.

Nothing compares to savoring delicious food after a joint! 

This specific strain significantly increases hunger, which makes eating even more enjoyable. Therefore, why not prepare something lovely for yourself? 

Try preparing some homemade mac & cheese or baking your favorite cookies if you want to feel good physically and emotionally once you complete the task.

Potential negative effects

One of the most frequently seen adverse effects of the cannabis strain Wedding Glue is dizziness. Although it is a common side effect of marijuana use, those susceptible to this strain may experience more acute and disorienting lightheadedness. Fortunately, there are several steps one can take to reduce or altogether avoid the consequences of the dizziness it causes.

Be sure to drink enough water before, during, and after using marijuana. Dehydration can worsen Wedding Glue's dizzy symptoms because of its high THC content. Water will keep your body functioning correctly and decrease any undesirable side effects that this strain's euphoric effects may have.

Another prevalent adverse effect of Wedding Glue marijuana use is anxiety. Regrettably, many people with no prior history of cannabis use disorders soon become more anxious after consuming this muscular indica hybrid strain (CUD).

Whether you are a beginner smoker or a seasoned consumer, obtaining professional therapy should always be an option when necessary! Some people may require some time for their bodies to acclimate before switching to a healthier lifestyle free of CUDs. Others, however, might require more rigorous therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or medication.

The third most frequently reported adverse effect of use is paranoia. Although there is now no immediate danger to its safety, paranoia is a symptom that appears when a person experiences intense dread and unreasonable beliefs about the prospective danger surrounding them.

Unfortunately, some smokers do because of the euphoric effects that can easily lead to high THC sorting. Particularly beginners experiencing paranoid episodes due to emotional excitation brought on by an unexpected increase in THC in the body.

Helps with

The Wedding Glue strain has been discovered to be quite good at lowering anxiety levels. It accomplishes this by acting as a sedative, slowing rushing thoughts and bringing users' brains to a state of serenity and quietness. This strain is also well-known for its uplifting qualities, which make it excellent for reducing stress and boosting emotions of joy and well-being.

Studies have indicated that the Wedding Glue strain of marijuana can be used to treat depression because it has mood-enhancing properties that can lessen the negative thought patterns common in depression. This strain helps to provide a feeling of mental clarity while also enhancing focus and motivation, thanks to its antidepressant properties.

Users may also notice a general improvement in their outlook on life when utilizing this cannabis strain as part of their routine to treat depressive episodes or long-term grief related to chronic depression disorders like Major Depressive Disorder.

It is essential to consider the physical benefits of the Wedding Glue strain. This marijuana type has been said to provide substantial pain relief because of its high THC content, which aids in reducing inflammation throughout the body. In contrast, soothing muscular pains or other physical discomfort brought on by chronic illnesses or injuries.

Many medical patients use this cannabis strain as part of their treatment plan to more successfully control their symptoms without entirely relying on prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies.


"Wedding Glue" is a hybrid cannabis strain with a potent, earthy flavor and aroma. Its intense aroma has been likened to freshly cut grass or moist earth. Typically, trichomes with green, purple, and orange hues cover the thick, dense buds.

When you open the bag of Wedding Glue buds, a robust earthy scent with notes of pine and diesel fuel will attack you. It has a more earthy, organic quality than overly sweet or skunky. The aroma from the buds grows stronger as you pull them apart and gets even more vital as you get closer to them.


This strain has a particular flavor profile with undertones of vanilla, earthy pine, and sweet sugar cookies. While the flavor and aroma are identical, depth is added by spice and a skunky undertone.

Strong pepper overtones and earthy pine aromas intertwined throughout the smoke of this specific genotype create a taste sensation unmatched by any other cannabis strain.


The potent terpenes in this hybrid marijuana are recognized for giving users a particular flavor, aroma, and high. The Wedding Glue strain has a variety of terpenes that create the particular qualities associated with this type of marijuana.

Limonene is one of the primary terpenes discovered. It has a pronounced citrus scent with notes of lemon, orange, and lime. It is crucial as a stress reliever and antidepressant and is thought to have a mood-enhancing impact. The powerful bodily sensation that this terpene gives consumers energizes and soothes their muscles.

Myrcene is another distinctive terpene that, when tasted or inhaled, emits sweet earthy tones and herbal aromas like basil or thyme. This strain stands out for having a high myrcene content, a terpene with analgesic properties that can help with pain relief and relaxing effects on the body and mind when consumed in higher quantities than other strains commonly feature.

Pinene, a different cannabis compound found in Wedding Glue, gives off a powerful pine fragrance when consumed or inhaled. These two chemicals are best for daytime tasks because they help focus and alertness when ingested.

Additionally, linalool's function as an antioxidant helps to defend against inflammation. Since many medical patients rely on these plants, there are additional medicinal benefits from eating this hybrid type beyond just recreational use. Another layer is added by linalool, which calms nerves and gives you the energy to continue working even while you're rested.

Here are a few tips on growing Wedding Glue by yourself

Despite its enormous potency, Wedding Glue might still be very easy to produce compared to other available strains. It typically grows best inside due to its shorter flowering duration of 8–9 weeks, although outdoor cultivation may produce higher yields due to more extended flowering periods of 11–12 weeks.

Indoor cannabis can yield anywhere from 10 oz/ft2 to roughly 15 oz/ft2, depending on your arrangement and grower's skill level.

You may expect rich, fluffy buds covered in sticky resin glands that glisten in the sun like tiny crystals when it's time to harvest. You may anticipate a range of fragrances, including sweet lemony notes blended with earthier tones with a diesel fuel flavor and overtones of pine.