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White Angel is a well-balanced hybrid
White Angel is a well-balanced hybrid White Angel is a well-balanced hybrid White Angel is a well-balanced hybrid

White Angel is a well-balanced hybrid


The magnificent hybrid White Angel Cannabis Strain is perfect for anyone looking for a well-balanced strain. This hybrid, created by crossing White Widow and SFV OG, has floral undertones and a diesel and pineapple scent. The smooth and subtly sweet flavor ends with a whiff of harshness. The large, dense, light green, and thickly trichome-coated buds have a large size. This strain is calming and uplifting, making it perfect for use at night. It has quite a strong mental impact. The White Angel cannabis strain helps treat anxiety, hopelessness, and chronic pain.

Any cannabis lover must try this award-winning cannabis strain. Its distinctive flavor and aroma are sure to please. Due to its potency and endurance, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solid high. This strain is also quite versatile and helpful for a variety of tasks. If you're looking for an energizing Sativa, this strain has everything you need.


Black pepper and cloves include the terpene caryophyllene, which also makes up a sizable portion of cannabis essential oil. Because of its woody, spicy aroma, caryophyllene is used in numerous perfumes and as a food additive.

Numerous cannabis strains include terpene limonene, which has a citrus aroma. Orange and lemon peels also contain this terpene. Cannabis may develop the scent of lemon, orange, or other citrus fruits when grown with limonene.

Aromatherapy purports to provide therapeutic benefits and uses myrcene. High amounts of terpene myrcene can be found in the essential oils of several plants, including Cannabis sativa. It can also be found in other plants, such as ylang-ylang, hops, bay leaves, eucalyptus, and other things. The aroma of myrcene, which is utilized in perfume, is earthy and musky. In the food industry, it is also employed as a taste enhancer.

Helps With

Cannabis has long been used to treat a variety of medical conditions. According to recent studies, cannabis is an effective treatment for stress, sleeplessness, and depression. This cannabis strain has been proven to be an excellent treatment for depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety, so you might want to give it a shot if you have any of these conditions.

Depression is a severe medical condition that can make people feel useless, helpless, and without hope. Losing interest in activities, growing apart from friends and family, and even having suicidal thoughts are possible outcomes. Due to its ability to elevate mood, stimulate hunger, and lessen anxiety, this strain is a valuable antidepressant.

A disorder called insomnia can make it challenging to get to sleep and stay asleep. This may lead to drowsiness, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Stress can be influenced by various factors, including employment, family, and interpersonal relationships. White Angel can reduce pain and anxiety while improving the length and quality of sleep.

Anxiety, irritability, and difficulty sleeping are all symptoms of stress. The White Angel cannabis strain helps lessen stress by promoting calmness and lowering anxiety. This is an excellent alternative if you are considering using cannabis to cure your depression.

Potential Side Effects

Cannabis has long been used for its medicinal properties. The plant has recently been bred with a high THC concentration and promoted for use in recreational activities. Certain people may experience anxiousness, dry lips, and dry eyes due to cannabis THC.

Dry eyes are a frequent side effect of cannabis use. Redness, inflammation, and burning are all discomforts and symptoms associated with dry eyes. THC from cannabis binds to receptors in the eyes that regulate the production of tears. This can reduce tear production and aggravate dry eyes.

Another common adverse effect of cannabis is anxiety. THC can cause anxiety by interacting with brain receptors that regulate stress and anxiety. High levels of anxiety and paranoia may follow from this.

A dry mouth is another side effect of cannabis. Because THC binds to salivary gland receptors, less saliva is produced. A dry mouth could occur from this, which would be uncomfortable and cause symptoms including thirst, trouble swallowing, and cracked lips.

Very Potent

One of the most potent and robust cannabis strains on the market is one with 30% THC. These strains are incredibly potent and are capable of easily overwhelming novice users. These varieties can provide seasoned users with a deep and potent high lasting for hours. Look no further than a cannabis strain with 30 percent THC if you're seeking a solid variety.

OG Kush, White Widow, and Gorilla Glue are some of the most popular varieties containing 30% THC. These varieties are renowned for their powerful psychotropic effects. When experimenting with these strains for the first time, it is essential to go slowly because even seasoned users might quickly become overwhelmed. Start small and take it slowly if you want to attempt music containing 30% THC.

About Breeder

Since 2006, Californian cannabis grower White Angel Farms has been in business.

The business was started by two friends who love cannabis and wanted to spread that love to others. The legendary White Angel Sativa is one of White Angel Farms' numerous award-winning strains. The company has received numerous awards for its themes, and they frequently experiment with and release new songs on the market.

In addition to its award-winning strains, the business is also known for its dedication to quality and customer service. Each strain is created in small batches using the highest quality ingredients.

DIY Growing

White Widow and SFV OF were crossed to produce the cannabis hybrid known as White Angel. It is an extreme type known for having a high THC content. The flavor and aroma of White Angel are recognized for being earthy, sweet, and lemony.

It is essential to start indoor White Angel cannabis growth with a premium soil blend. A soil mixture is available for purchase or can be made from scratch. To make your own, you need to add organic resources to the soil, such as compost or manure. To improve drainage, you must also add perlite or vermiculite.

Due to its thirst, White Angel cannabis grows best in a hydroponic setup. It is ideal for keeping the environment between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 and 50% relative humidity. However, if the soil is regularly hydrated, it can also be cultivated there. Large White Angel plants are possible. As a result, it's crucial to provide them with plenty of room.

Use a top-notch fertilizer designed especially for cannabis plants. You must fertilize your White Angel plants frequently to encourage healthy growth. Plants can be fertilized once per week or every other week. Usually, it takes White Angel plants eight to ten weeks to blossom. When the plants are prepared for harvest, the buds will be covered with white trichomes. It is crucial to wait until the trichomes are milky white before harvesting because this is when the THC content is highest.

The buds can be used to make different cannabis products or for smoking after they have dried and cured. You must dry and cure the buds when you harvest them from your White Angel bushes. It can take two to four weeks to complete this process.

White Angel Cannabis Buds book in Bangkok

Are you looking to book a White Angel in Bangkok? You've come to the right place. We are proud to present White Angel, a pure sativa marijuana strain perfect for those looking for an uplifting and energetic smoking experience.

This strain is ideal for those who want the benefits of cannabis without feeling drowsy. We offer a convenient and fast ordering service with stores near you that will ensure you. You have an understanding of the species you want. Before deciding to order the product